About INKPULSE Book:
332 pages
INKPULSE: The Art of Yeo Shih Yun chronicles the course of Yeo Shih Yun's 18 years long artistic journey, from the early 2000s when she first fell in love with ink and decided to pursue her dream to today having founded an independent art space that speaks volumes of the exceptional creative collaborations she has been a part of over the years and established an impressive oeuvre of works that ranges from pure abstraction to unconventional experimentation. With an ink-based, East-meets-West aesthetic - influenced by the tutelage of the eminent painter Chua Ek Kay - this monograph conceptualises the artist's pulsating pursuit for new depths and new perspectives within and beyond the realm of Abstract Expressionism.

Conversations with chance and a spontaneous search for poetic sentiments and dramatic unknowns are important features of Yeo Shih Yun's art-making process. "It is all about the marks," she says, "What I ultimately seek is the imperfection that comes with an unconstrained and intuitive technique".

This publication is a progressive catalogue of art she has done over the years, interspersed with accounts by the people she has met along the way - inspiring industry professionals like Marjorie Chu and Kay Liu, visionary collectors like Koh Seow Chuan, established curators like Iola Lenzi and Louis Ho as well as friends and fellow artists. It is only through reading their essays does the chaos fall into order, with the randomness of collective memories offering new, multi-layered dimensions to Yeo Shih Yun’s art—the closing of one chapter and delving into the next.

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