In the Mood of Serenity

Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, Hong Kong



“In the Mood of Serenity” features a rich collection of works with a variety of medium and approaches. The Hong Kong and Singapore based artists demonstrate a unique and contradictory blend of culture, values, and aesthetics of the urban landscapes, such as traditional an contemporary; nostalgic and banal; heritage and mode; limelight and alienation. These outer experiences refine one’s speculation of self and identity.

In this exhibition, Yeo Shih Yun demonstrates her expansive exploration of the possibilities of Chinese ink, combining experimental techniques and compositions into pictorial form of personal expression.


This iceberg series are created by two artists Yeo Shih Yun and Chang Huifang and marks their first ever collaboration. "Ink" is a familiar medium for both artists. After discussing and experimenting with different coloured inks and charcoal powders, they took turns to add colours and shapes to the canvas, responding to each other's marks on the canvas in the process. Huifang completed each painting by meticulously adding the final layer of gold leaves, giving each piece a graphic element. The final outcomes of this series is a re-interpretation of traditional Chinese landscape paintings.

冰山系列作品是由藝術家姚詩韻和張慧芳首次聯合創作而成。 "墨和色粉"都是兩人熟悉的創作媒材,經過討論、實驗不同的墨色和炭粉,二人輪流在畫布上相加顏色和造型,過程中相互回應彼此留下的印記,最 後由張慧芳用金箔賦予圖像式符號,重新詮釋傳統中國山水。


A collection of tree drawings at different intervals, 'Conversation with trees' is a collaboration between artist Yeo Shih Yun and trees across Singapore. At random intervals, she attaches Chinese brushes dipped in Chinese ink to the tips of branches of trees in various settings across Singapore and allows the chance movement of the wind to create the marks. Each brush stroke created by the tree and wind is spontaneous, without the constraints of a limited visual vocabulary, creating drawings of absolute freedom and honesty. The resulting 'tree drawings' are then selected and transferred onto silk-screens. The silk-screens are then used by Shih Yun to create abstract paintings.

“與樹對話”此系列作品是由藝術家姚詩韻和新加坡的樹一同創作產生。她將毛筆蘸上墨,懸掛在搖曳的樹枝上任它隨風擺動,捕捉風動的痕跡。 由樹和風創作出的每一筆觸皆是自由自發,在紙上形成獨特的繪畫。再透過姚詩韻的安排,藉由絲網印刷形成此系列抽象作品。